If you are new to international business and are not sure of how to answer the question, complete the form with the known information and submit. We will contact you to secure any additional information we may need to provide an accurate quote for your shipment.

Step One - Your Contact Information

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Contact Name:
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Step Two - Package Information

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Dimensions, in inches: Length: Width: Height:

Step Three - Pickup Information

Terms of Sale:
Depending on the terms of sales, we can provide overseas local handling
charges, i.e. X-Works we can provide all foreign local handling charges.
Pickup Location
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Step Four - Customs and Delivery

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Street Address:
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Do you have a customs bond? Yes No
Do you need cargo insurance? Yes No
If yes, what is the invoice value of the shipment?
Please note if we are to coordinate the customs clearance we will require by law a Customs Power
Attorney and your IES number before arranging the clearance and delivery.


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